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Welcome to the Podcasts.

The following messages are recorded at Christ's Church in Billings, MT and are offered here for your encouragement.

You may Subscribe to the podcasts using your preferred podcast client including iTunes by dragging the Podcasts image in the left rail into your podcasting software. The full feed text is also offered for your convenience. Click here for help on adding a Podcast.

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  • Morning Messages ( 416 Articles )

    Enjoy recordings of the Sunday morning Message of Reason.

  • Evening Messages ( 404 Articles )

    Listen to Lord's Day evening messages presented by various men from the Billings, MT congregation.

  • The Gospel of John ( 122 Articles )
  • Financial Stewardship ( 6 Articles )
  • Acts of the Apostles ( 148 Articles )

    Listen and learn from this exciting series of classes on the book of Acts as presented by Luke Wilson!

  • Pressing On To Perfection ( 22 Articles )

    Luke Wilson leads a series of classes based upon Walter Scott's writings on Christian Perfection. 

  • Scriptural Word Studies ( 29 Articles )

    Kevin Simpson's Sunday morning class on important word studies such as worship, service, perfection and others. 

  • Guests ( 48 Articles )

    This special podcast category contains messages preached by guest preachers and teachers from all over the world!

  • Scientific Creation Class ( 33 Articles )

    Listen in on the lessons from Jerod Schaefer's class on the scientific evidence for creation and the existence of God as seen in the world around us. 

  • Marriage and Family ( 17 Articles )

    Listen in a series of Wednesday evening messages on Marriage and Family.

  • New Testament Overview ( 36 Articles )
    Spend some time getting equipped for the work of service with Mr. Luke Wilson's overview of the books of the New Testament.  Be sure to see the Resources section for a complete list of study guides for each book.
  • Minor Prophets ( 65 Articles )

    Learn much from an in-depth, verse-by-verse examination of the books included in the "Minor Prophets" as lead by Mr. Kevin Simpson. Recordings are done during the Lord's Day Morning Bible Class. Get all of the audio lessons here.

  • Messages to a Resurrected Army ( 23 Articles )

    Taken from the writings of Jay Wilson, Luke Wilson delivers a series of messages aimed at admonishing the church to examine themselves, to be strong soldiers and win our own battles!

  • Ladies Advance ( 5 Articles )

    Kingdom Women - Strength, Power, and Purpose in the Kingdom of God.

  • Tabernacle and the Christian ( 64 Articles )

    Kevin Simpson teaches a class on the foreshadow of the church age as laid out in the tabernacle of the Old Testament.

  • Creation Science ( 20 Articles )

    Jerod Schaefer leads a class that discusses several topics concerning evidence in support of the Biblical model of creation, including:

    • Information Theory
    • Cosmology (origin of the Universe)
    • Origin of Life
    • Geology and the Fossil Record
    • Hydroplate Theory

    This class is conducted on Thursday nights and will be streamed as well. Upon completion of the class, all notes and presentation slides will be available in the Resources section.

  • The Kingdom ( 16 Articles )

    Luke Wilson leads a series examining the definition, importance, and application of The Kingdom.

  • Epistle to the Galatians ( 22 Articles )

    Mr. Nolan Tewell leads the adult Bible class through Paul's epistle to the Galatians.


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