Proof That the Bible is the Word of God

This Bible study is the first in a series designed to teach you the basics of the New Testament. It is our prayer that it will accomplish its purpose. This study is in many senses the most important, for if the Bible is not the word of God, then the New Testament has no important meaning, other than being a “mythological moralizer.” The author was, at one time, an atheist himself, having come to the conclusion that God was merely the creation of the human mind. But a thorough examination of the scriptures has convinced him that God does in fact exist, and that the Bible is His written revelation to us. This booklet contains the elements of that examination (it will take a much larger book to cover the subject with any degree of completeness). It is a skeleton, which is the beginning place for hanging the meat of more study. But it does contain the elements which prove that the Bible is the word of God, and I trust you will find it interesting and challenging.

Pre-Proof Study

This is a brief introduction put together by Luke Wilson of Billings, MT for laying the foundation of Bible study for new studies. A useful tool to help set the tone of your Bible studies! Download it and check it out!