Current Assembly Times:
Sundays 10:15 – 11:30 AM
Wednesdays (streaming only) 7:00PM

April 25, 2020


The Governor has lifted the stay-at-home order and has publicly stated that church buildings can be opened with social distancing measures in place.

For anyone who understands the health risk of gathering and still desires to do so, we will be meeting at 10:15 for morning assembly. However, there are some very specific guidelines that everyone MUST FOLLOW in order for us to be in compliance.


EVERYONE MUST follow all the rules of social distancing. This is not the time that we can greet one another with a holy kiss or even a hug or a handshake. If you want to get together on your own to do that elsewhere, that is your prerogative. However, we must maintain the protocol of 6 foot distancing.

Seating has been arranged to meet all the social distancing requirements. Families must sit together. Couples and singles must have 6 feet in between them and the next person. Middle rows have 6 chairs, while end rows have five chairs each. Families, please take up a row of either five or six chairs. Singles can sit on the ends of either five-chair rows or six-chair rows. Always maintain at least 3 chairs between you and any other saint who doesn’t live with you. There are a couple of overflow rows in the main school room.

There will be no coffee made at the church building for obvious reasons, so please bring your own if you want it.

Please come in and find a seat right away rather than milling around like we usually do.

When you come in, please FIRST USE the hand sanitizer provided. Then pick up a Lord’s Supper combo pack from the table. IF YOU ARE ABLE TO BRING YOUR OWN LORD’S SUPPER SUPPLIES for yourself from your house, PLEASE DO SO as it will help our supplies of the individually wrapped combos last.

Online streaming will continue (this will still be the only option for Wednesday studies until further notice), and nobody is sitting in a place of judgment if you choose to continue to partake in that manner. For those who desire to meet together to partake, Sunday morning at 10:15 is the time.

Love you all in Christ,
Luke Wilson

P.S. Please share with your brethren via text. We need to make sure that everyone gets a chance to see this. Thanks 😊 🙏🏼