Brethren of 48th Street Church of Christ! THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE! PLEASE READ AND SHARE!


With prayerful consideration and input from those we trust as spiritual men and women, we have chosen to make some short-term changes in our Bible study and assembly times.

First of all, we want to be faithful to our God who tells us in His word not to forsake the assembling together as is the habit of some. We are committed to assembling together as long as it is possible, knowing that without partaking of Christ’s flesh and blood, we have no life in ourselves. Ultimately we understand that spiritual life is more important than physical life, so this is our priority. We live in a time where commitment isn’t appropriately valued, and where people often skip the assembly to break bread with no legitimate reason. We consider that the early church continued to meet together under threat of harm and death, even going underground to meet together. They did not love their lives even unto death. In like manner, we always want to honor God first, trusting in Him who is able to raise the dead. We know that He can deliver us. We will be meeting on Lord’s Day mornings at 10:15 to sing together, partake of the Lord’s Supper together, and to exhort one another through preaching and teaching. (We will follow our regular schedule from 10:15 – 11:38 🤣). That being said, we will not be greeting one another with a holy kiss for a little while 😊. We understand those who are in dire health or are in contact with those who are. We understand those who choose not to assemble together during this time because you don’t want to pass this on to others. We aren’t sitting in a place of judgment upon you. You are welcome to join us online by clicking here. However, our congregational leadership has decided to give the opportunity for the brethren to assemble together for the Lord’s Supper at 10:15 on Lord’s Day mornings.

With that as our foundation, we also acknowledge that there is a serious health threat to our community as a whole. The math doesn’t lie; social distancing makes a BIG difference in flattening the curve of the spread of the virus. This is particularly important in terms of the impact on our healthcare facilities. So in reference to our Bible studies and Sunday school classes and evening assemblies, we will be making changes. Sunday school and evening assemblies are temporarily canceled. Wednesday evening studies will be available only online. I also would personally encourage you to listen to at least one message a week from Jay Wilson at

Please put your trust in God! We have a message the whole world needs to hear! Be kind to your brother and sister in Christ, even when they make different choices than you do in reference to this. Be a light to the world, and share the life of Christ with them. Consider your neighbor, pray for wisdom, and live your life by faith in Christ!

Please pass along this info!

Love in Christ,

Luke Wilson